"Others Build Kitchens...

Herzog Builds Dreams!"

Custom Kitchen and Bath Design

Our design team, Elizabeth and Tricia, can pull all the pieces of your puzzle together. They will keep you from getting bogged down in details that can throw your planning off track. You’ll be free to dream, while Elizabeth thinks through all the measurements, material coordination, and construction logistics. 

In other words, a good design team will help you do it right the first time, see possibilities where you could not, and make the entire experience go smoothly. 

When you work with our Herzog Kitchen and Bath family, you don’t have to give up control of your plans or turn all the remodeling work over to other craftsmen. Think of yourself as the movie producer and of HKB as the movie director. You can be intimately involved in every detail of the project. But when you do need someone to handle logistics, whether it’s ordering products or coordinating installation schedules, this is where we step in.


 The Dirty Work

Living through a remodel is no easy task. We at Herzog Kitchen and Bath understand and inform you of what to expect through each phase of your project. No surprises! Our HKB employed craftsman receive letter after letter as testimate to their ability and cleanliness. And although our clients and friends are happy to have a complete project, they hate to see them go.


Universal Design

Universal Design accommodates the needs of wheelchairs as well as arthritic hands. Our design team is specially trained in Universal Design. For those with arthritic hands we will suggest large, user-friendly cabinetry knobs. For our friends in wheelchairs, wouldn’t it be nice to have a cook top within comfortable range or cabinets with drawers that pull out? Stop by and see us. We’re ready to handle your special needs.